Welcome! We are glad you stopped by to learn more about 3e Restoration Inc. We believe that the best way to learn about something is through a story. Click our friend Frank's picture and watch a short video. Through his story you will hear ours and how God's story is being worked out among us. Afterward, scroll down and read more about what we do, what we hope to accomplish, and how we do it.

This video also introduces you to Williamsburg Christian Church, the faith community that pioneered the 3e Restoration Process, and one of their pastors Fred Liggin, who serves as Founder and President of 3e Restoration, Inc.


What We Do

We partner with faith communities to encourage, equip, and empower them to walk in relationship with "Friends/Families in Need" to help them transition from homelessness/extreme poverty to holistic sufficiency through community and God's sufficiency. 


What We Hope To Accomplish

Breaking the cycle of homelessness and extreme poverty through gracious hospitality and systemic change one friend or family at a time. 

How We Do It

The 3e Restoration Process© is an inclusive, highly relational and holistic approach guided by a flexible and replicable framework that utilizes an adaptable written curriculum to encourage, equip and empower "Friends/Families in Need" toward systemic change to break the cycle of extreme poverty and homelessness through healthy relational community and God's sufficiency. Gracious hospitality, relentless hope, compassion, listening, justice, love and friendship are the seven core values that shape all we do and guide us as we address the Five Fold Reality of Poverty and Brokenness™.

Through this highly relational experience the love of God is not only proclaimed but demonstrated through tangible acts of mercy and compassion by simply being friends who practice gracious hospitality, relentlessly holds on to hope, models compassion, listen deeply and simply offers help as needed--no matter the need--as a genuine friends while modeling the love of God.

In no way are we under the delusion that the 3e Restoration Process© is a fail-proof approach or the "only" way to break the cycle of homelessness or extreme poverty. But we have seen how God works in and through this process when led, taught and practiced faithfully and believe that it is at least one way for local churches to demonstrate tangible love and compassion in their community while breaking the cycle of homelessness or extreme poverty.