What We Do

We encourage, equip, and empower faith communities to help neighbors living through homelessness transition from social displacement to holistic sufficiency.


What Should Happen

Breaking the cycle of homelessness and social displacement through gracious hospitality and systemic change one friend at a time. 

What we mean when we talk about homelessness

We believe everyone deserves a home. By home we mean something more than a house. A house is a building; a home is a dwelling place. A house is made of wood or brick or mud or thatch; a home is made of stories and relationships and memories. Houses can be bought and sold but home is never up for sale. Home is a bounded place that provides both definition and openness, structure and flexibility. It is a place and space, a web of stories and symbols and rituals and relationships where a common life is cultivated and human flourishing happens. 

Homelessness not only occurs when someone losing a dwelling place, but also when abandonment, despair, unfamiliarity and feeling out of place all come together in a loss of social and cultural identity. It is an all-consuming displacement and a deeply traumatic experience. This is why we prefer the term social displacement.

Therefore when it comes to housing we can not continue to do it in a traditional way with a traditional understanding. We help others find a house but we also introduce them to a web of hospitable relationships that can restore them socially, physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually. This is why we Equip, Encourage, and Empower faith communities to do the same for families to transition them from homelessness to holistic sufficiency. It is a labor of love rooted in gracious hospitality and friendship.