A Process Not A Program

The 3e Restoration Ministry is a Process not a Program. The 3e Restoration Process© is rooted in friendship, but understands that a unique friendship is necessary to walk with our friends in need.

Programs most often come with metrics and measures of success. The 3e Restoration Process© is not concerned with metrics and measures of success, only faithfulness and healthy life-style development. Programs are often project oriented with a desired outcome in mind. The 3e Restoration Process© is people oriented with a desired outcome of genuine friendship powerful enough to change lives. Many housing programs are concerned with transitioning. The 3e Restoration Process is concerned with transformation in a holistic way and addresses The Five-Fold Reality of Poverty and Brokenness™.

Our approach is both qualitative and quantitative. Our qualitative method of measuring progress includes stories, incidents and symbols that represent the systemic shifts taking place in the lives of the Friends in Need. Our quantitative method measures the key dimensions of activity the Friend in Need successfully attains when placed in contrast to how these activities were performed in the past, i.e. learning and applying symbols and making better or more informed decisions VS impulsive decision making; accomplishing major tasks VS. procrastination or running from responsibilities. 

If you are looking for a new Program for your Church or faith community, the 3e Restoration Process© is probably not it. But if you are looking to be a part of something life-giving that has the power to change many lives, including those in your Church and faith community, and make a significant impact in the city as your Church remains joined with God in His mission, then the 3e Restoration Process© may be worth a deeper look.