Drink Water And Give

Our 2016 fundraising campaign is under way. It is more than a way to raise funds for our work, it is a way of practicing simplicity. Drink Water And Give works like this: every time you eat out, choose to drink water instead of soda or tea and give the cost savings to 3e Restoration Inc each month to help us give a Friend/Family in need a new life, including a home. 

Take the Jones family for example. They signed up HERE and committed to a $50 per month recurring donation to 3e Restoration for the next year. Each month they eat out at least seven times, every Sunday and three other times throughout the month. As a family of three they spend an average of $7.50 in drinks each outing. Instead of spending $7.50 per week on drinks they choose to drink water. At the end of each month they save $52.50 and give $50 to 3e Restoration. It's that simple!

If you're interested in joining our campaign, sign up to give monthly HERE. Be sure to email us at jon@3eRestoration.com and let us know you signed up for the Drink Water & Give campaign, include your address, and we will send you a Drink Water & Give tee-shirt!