3e Consulting Branch

As we have partnered with various agencies we discovered a need and desire to move from transactional engagement to offering a holistic case management strategy. However, many agencies lack the missing piece necessary to make the shift. The 3e Consulting Division partners to help other agencies to make this shift by helping them discern their processes and practices in light of sound social science and contextualized relational engagement practices grounded in the ancient near eastern understanding of hospitality.

A Holistic CaRe Management System Track

We help agencies and organizations in the following areas:

  • Equip case managers to move the client beyond information-based learning strategies to a strategies grounded in situated-learning theory
  • Equip case managers to move beyond crisis management and behavioral modification approaches to addressing the social science behind the systemic issues each client faces
  • Equip the agency's leadership teams to develop a comprehensive and contextualized strategy to move beyond hierarchical benevolence and transactional engagement to relational engagement and community-wide collaboration
  • To transition traditional case management system to a holistic care management system

Leadership Development Track

We offer leadership development training for business, corporations, government agencies and non-profit agencies designed to empower leaders to build character, vocational competencies and increased capacity to faithfully lead others through an approach to leadership we call, "Hospitality as Leadership." In our training leaders develop:

  • Listening skills
  • Discernment practices
  • Team development strategies
  • Change strategies
  • A thorough understanding of vision casting and cultivation

Consulting Partnerships

These are some of our partnering clients. 

  • Micah ecumenical ministries (Fredericksburg, VA.)

    Micah is a Christ-centered community supporting people experiencing chronic homelessness and identifying pathways to sustainable housing. They serve chronically homeless often face barriers such as mental health, disabilities, substance abuse, and loss of supportive relationships. These barriers limit their access to assistance resources. Our ministry at Micah seeks to overcome such barriers by bringing the community together in a holistic approach that serves all of our neighbors’ needs.

  • City of Williamsburg

    Department of Human Services

    Williamsburg Human Services provides a broad array of human service programs for city residents who have financial, social, educational, health, and emotional needs. The department serves on the front line of intervention, assessment, service provision, and/or referral to appropriate agencies and organizations in the Williamsburg area. 

  • Williamsburg Walk the Talk

    (Williamsburg, VA.)

    Williamsburg Walk the Talk (WWTT) volunteers invest their time and talent to mentor people leaving the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail (VPRJ) near Williamsburg, VA, to help them have a successful fresh start. This is truly a win/win because getting to know people from different backgrounds helps us grow by sharing their diverse life experiences. In the process we make sure to the best of our ability that they are clothed, fed, housed, assisted with getting a job and shown respect.