The 3e Restoration Ministry© in the Local Church

This is the focus of our organization--our "main thing." We believe we were birthed by God to join Him in encouraging, equipping, and empowering His local churches to faithfully and graciously welcome the socially displaced among them. 3e Restoration Inc is not a para-church organization or ministry that does the work for the local church. Our desire is to see the local church engage relationally, rather than programmatically, with the socially displaced. 

In the Christian Scriptures the Church is called the "body of Christ." We believe the local church to be an extension of Jesus as Lord in this world. Our greatest hope is that each local church will experience new life as they remain a light of hope and love in their cities as God's beloved community of hospitality and relentless hope. In God's grace, our partnership with local churches works to make this belief a reality within the city.