The 3e Restoration Approach

The 3E Restoration Process© is rooted in friendship but understands that a unique friendship is necessary to walk with our friends in need, which is why it is called a "process" and not a "program." The 3e approach was designed to address the Five-Fold Reality of Poverty and Brokenness™ and equip and empower anyone or any faith community (no matter the numerical size or financial ability) compelled to serve others living through homelessness or extreme poverty to be able do so in a highly relational and meaningful way. Along with the 3e curriculum, the five major relationships below build the framework of our approach.

Our Relational Framework

Friend/Family In-Need

These are those living in and through homelessness and extreme poverty. They are not helpless, they just need a little help and more importantly, a community of friends to walk along side them. Many times our Friends and Families In Need are living as the 2nd - 5th generation in poverty.

All-In Friends

These are people who want to serve others but may not know how or lack the time to really "mentor" others. They give rides, help teach friends/families in-need how to shop for groceries, how to cook, how to keep a house clean or help prepare resumes. They may help teach basic money management skills or help fill out a job application. They may teach basic computer skills or offer exercise tips. Simply stated, these are the people who know how to be a good friend to someone in need of good friends. They extend gracious hospitality to a friend in-need by sharing their life with them and providing the healthy relational community--a sort of organic "wrap-around" relational system--often missing. This both encourages and equips our friend/families in-need to live a different way of life. Literally anyone can serve a friend in-need as an All-In Friend.

3e Coaches

In the 3e Restoration Process©, we formally partner closely with many professional business men and women, local businesses, and various organizations and human services agencies within Williamsburg, James City county and upper York county to offer an array of what we call "organized wrap-around services." We call these partners "3e Coaches" as they serve to equip and empower our Friends/families in-need in a number of ways, such as mental health care/counselors, professional financial advice/money management skills, interviewing skills/job training, occupational therapy, nutrition coaching, auto repair, etc. 3e Restoration Inc has created a formal partnership with these companies and agencies in order to offer free or deeply discounted services.

Servant Leader Coordinators (SLC's)

SLC's are not mentors. SLC's are not case managers. SLC's are intelligently informed friends willing to extend radical relational embrace to the socially-displaced. One of the particularities of this kind of relationship is that SLC's model and offer a new vision of life--what life can and should be for the Friend or Family In Need. They are committed to encourage, equip and empower Friends or Families in Need to see and live into this new vision. To do this, an SLC must always be a genuine friend and sometimes believe in the friend or family in-need more than they believe in themselves. In this friendship peculiar challenges particular to a person living through homelessness or extreme poverty arises. Therefore SLC's are "formerly" trained and coached in order to meet weekly with our friends or families in-need utilizing a flexible curriculum called the "3E Restoration Floor Plan©" (written by our president Fred Liggin & edited by clinical psychologist Dr. Jim Goalder) that offers coaching tools and teaches "Growth Symbols© " designed to encourage, equip and empower our friend/family in-need with the necessary life skills to transition from poverty or homelessness, and live toward self-sufficiency and deeper faith. To be an SLC is to be a friend that embraces intentionality through organized and organic practices of gracious hospitality. To be an SLC is to develop a way of life that reflects love, gracious hospitality, and relentless hope.

Partnering Churches/Faith Communities

Our hope is to equip Churches who want to serve those living through homelessness and extreme poverty but do not know how to do so holistically. Yet, not every faith community is ready or able to embrace the full approach of the 3e Restoration Process©. This is why we developed the 3e Network, which serves to coordinate various All-In Friends with available SLC's to walk with Friends In-Need while providing a geographically concentrated list of 3e Coaches. For more information on the 3e Network, go here.