The 3e Training Experience

Men, women and families living through homlessness are living in very particular circumstances with very particular barriers requiring a very particular friendship. SLC's are not mentors. SLC's are not case managers. SLC's are intelligently informed friends willing to extend radical relational embrace to the socially-displaced. 

3e Training is specifically for people interested in serving as Servant Leader Coordinators, also known as SLC's. The journey consists of one three-hour Introductory Lab followed a few weeks later by two eight-hour Training Labs in two consecutive Saturdays. SLC's experience 16 hours of training in order to be fully equipped to  understand, apply and teach the 3e Restoration curriculum. In addition, SLC's learn how our seven core values are embraced and practiced in the context of relationship.

Often we are asked "Why is the commitment to training so extensive?" The answer is simple: committing to walk with a Friend or Family In-Need as a genuine friend serving in the role of an SLC is a major commitment. Our rationale is if potential SLC's will not commit to this extensive training approach they will not commit to a Friend or Family In-Need. Make-up labs are scheduled and one-on-one sessions are offered for those who miss a training lab. Furthermore, our 3e Restoration staff check-in with SLC's on a quarterly basis. We also make sure each SLC is connected to their appropriate 3e Network, where they can find on-going encouragement and support for this beautiful journey.

Upcoming Training Labs are listed here, or you can contact Lynn Walker, Director of Training & Programs.

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